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Social Media Videos

Everything you need to know about Kansas City barbecue

I’m a part of the team that is starting a new video series specifically for social media for 41 Action News. The first video series is about Kansas City barbecue and I ended up putting a short video together that told a fast-paced and interesting story most locals didn’t even realize was part of the history of Kansas City barbecue. It ended up being a hit for us on Facebook, with 1.7K shares and counting!

Meet Caramelito, a not so creepy Kansas City clown!

I produced a story specifically for the web about how the "creepy clown" phenomenon is impacting professional clowns in Kansas City. I shot the video footage with a DSLR, quickly edited, and wrote the story with our social media audience in mind. I also worked with an on-air reporter to come up with a story/different angle for TV to best suit those audiences.

The Buck O'Neil Legacy

I produced and edited a quick fact video about the Kansas City baseball legend, Buck O'Neil, to go along with our coverage of a local bridge being named after him. The video almost has 250,000 views and 1.8K shares.

Multimedia Packages

Kansas City remembers the 9/11 attacks

This story would not have been possible without audience participation! I reached out to the local Kansas City 41 Action News viewers via our social media accounts and invited them to share where they were and what they were doing on September 11. They could either call us and leave a voicemail sharing their story, fill out a survey, or write their responses in the comments. In total we received more than 200 stories, which we showcased in a web story and a short video. With the voicemails we got, we embedded the actual sound bites into the story to make for an easier and more engaging read. The average time spent on this story for readers averaged 7 minutes. Read the full story here.

With technology more prevalent, schools must choose a brand

For this piece, my convergence reporting team and I went to multiple schools located in mid-Missouri to find out how they were incorporating technology in the classroom. By talking to many different schools and teachers, we realized that incorporating the technology wasn't as simple as buying an electronic device. We were able to adjust the focus of the story, which had a bigger impact on the audience.Read the full story here.

Christmas tradition causing stress for tree farmers

My team and I got the idea for this story looking at data on Christmas tree farms from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We realized that although the number of Christmas tree farms in Missouri have decreased, Christmas trees sales have increased. We used video and a text piece to show what this meant for the community. Read the full story here.

Homeowner suffers devastating loss following tree collapse

My team and I once had to pitch a topic about trees falling down in the community. I had no background on the topic at all, but in a couple of days was able to collect data, reach out to sources, and connect this information to the neighborhood to successfully publish the story. Read the full story here.

International Coverage

Startup Rappler thrives in hyper-social Philippines

I pitched this story to my editor because I am very interested in how social media is used in the journalism world. I chose to focus on journalism in the Philippines because even though internet penetration is low, social media is still very popular with the internet users in the country. It was also very interesting to examine the role social media plays in relationship to the country's Cybercrime Prevention Act. Read the full story here.

Ukraine reporting draws criticism

My Global Journalist team and I talked to multiple journalists reporting on the Ukraine conflict. They all had varying opinions on how the conflict is being reported on. We produced a radio show about the topic and I also wrote an article that gave an overview of the criticism. Read the full story here.

Audience Engagement