I look for opportunities to travel whenever I can. So far I've been to 10 countries. While I'm abroad I try to immerse myself in the culture and my favorite way to do this is through food. My DSLR camera is also always by my side, which makes for great video memories.

Kansas City 48 Hour Film Project

I had the opportunity to work as an associate producer on a team with friends and colleagues to compete in the 2017 Kansas City 48 Hour Film Project. We had 48 hours to create an entire short film. We picked the genre out of a hat right before the time started, which ended up being detective/cop. We placed 1st and earned the title of Best Film of 2017. We also won the Audience Award, Best Actor, Best Directing, Best Make Up, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Writing.


Deadectives Photo


My dream is to one day go to culinary school and am currently figuring out the logistics of how to take night classes to achieve this goal. As a foodie, you can find my latest culinary creations on my Instagram account. I try to avoid making the same recipe twice (unless it's a crowd favorite, like my risotto recipe).